Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Evolution is as good as fact

People still call evolution a theory today. What evolution is is a proven theory. There is evidence piles on top of evidence that evolution happened. There is also as much evidence that creationism did not happen. I have searched high and low looking for any kind of real evidence that some all powerful being created our world and everything in it. If there are any Christians reading this blog (probably not) please point me in the right direction if you can.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

A time to kill

The question comes up again and again if morality is universal or relative. Are there certain things that are just bad and should never be done as the 10 commandments tell us?

I will just touch on a few here. Do we all agree that it is wrong to kill? I think this premise is just wrong. I believe there is a time to kill and not just in a last defense of your life. If someone has just raped you and is then walking away. You see your purse laying on the ground with your hand gun in it. In the united states it would be consitered murder if you shot and killed him. I believe you would have every right.

What about infidelity and homosexuality? You can bet the gay lovers or person being unfaithful don't view their acts as immoral. With homosexuality as with many other things that only affect the individual doing them (drug use, prostitution etc) should be up to the individuals to judge morality. With infidelity I can see many situations where cheating could easily consitered moral. What about an abusive husband and the wife does not dare try to leave him. Should she be denied love or should she make the best of a bad situation and have relations with someone why treats her right?

My conclusion is that our morality in America is completely twisted. We have so many different groups that are always fighting about morality. Our laws from murder laws to infidelity laws are heavily influenced by the church and have no place in a modern society. There IS a time to cheat and yea a time to kill.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Guns and Government

The truth is that Americans love their guns. I see no possible way that the government can win the war on guns. Every time there is a mass shooting or some kind of attack the anti gun crusaders come out of the woodwork. They always talk about how many people are killed by guns but some how forget to mention all the crimes that are foiled by citizens with guns. They don't mention crimes or assaults that never happen because someone pulled a gun on the attacker. I am so sick of the far left propaganda. The fact is America is a country of guns and will always be a country of guns. If the far left thinks that we can stop crimes committed with guns with laws requiring more background checks and limits on the size of magazines then they are living a delusion. The fact is for people who want to commit crimes there will always be guns available. Take a look at the governments other social wars. The war on alcohol went well. The war on drugs is a success, right? And last but not least we have a document that is supposes to be the law of the land that says "Congress shall make no law.....
Pretty clear I think.

Time for a hat?

This picture says it all. Fog get the fact that it is insanity that people put all their faith in a made up being who controls all and just look at the costumes.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

God is dead...or at least dying.

As a young Atheist I had always felt like I was normal. I thought most people were sceptical of god. Its common sense, right?
Then about three years ago something happened that clarified everything. I realized it is my generation that is sceptical not the general populace. I was visiting my Grandfather over the weekend. I am not sure how we got on the topic of religion but we did. I told him I was an Atheist. The look on his face was pure shock.
He was amazed and delighted. You see he is an Atheist too. His generation is overly religious. He could not believe it when I told him my generation was not very religious at all. They may be Atheist, Agnostic or just not practicing.
Now let's look at some facts:
Pew research did a poll on February 7th 2010 of Americans 18-30. The poll found that 25% of the millennial generation is not religiously affiliated. Once you get to people in their 40s only 15% are unaffiliated then by the 60s it goes down to 10%.
The only conclusion you can make from these numbers it that there is no future for god or religion in America. As my generation gets older and comes into power more secular policies will be put into practice. We will see an end to Christian based laws and an end to the debate over evolution vs creationism in schools. If this trend continues in 100 years America will be a secular nation with a small religious minority. That will be the day.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Debunking creationism with ..... common sense.

Have you ever had someone express a creationist view of the world and you laugh in their face thinking it is a joke? Only to find that you have completely insulted everything they stand for. I have.
If this ever happens to you there is no blame. Maybe these things made sense to primitive cultures 2000 years ago. Today we have this thing called science. Science is based on fact while religion is based on fairy tales.
Don't worry though, you have common sense on your side. Throughout history religion has worked very hard to to suppress every scientific discovery as they emerged because each discovery proves the religion false. We know for a fact that the earth is billions of years old not a few thousand. We know for a fact that humans and other animals evolved over time. Yet even today some public schools teach creationism. Some members of congress don't believe in evolution. Even most people who claim a religion believe in evolution.
If 90% of everything a religion ever told anyone has been proven false on all fronts how can we believe anything they say.
Its only common sense.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Science or religion? Who wins?

Like the picture states every time science comes up against religion science is proven to be more reliable. Science is fact and religion is made up stories.

An Atheist view on gay marriage

I am happy to be able to say that I live in one of the growing number of states that allow gay marriage. Sadly these same people who get married here in Vermont are denied federal benefits. This is completely in acceptable for a supposedly civilized country in the year 2013. It is nothing but the simple minded agenda for the religious right. These so called conservatives make ignorant arguments that are supposed to scare people.
Example 1: " If we allow gay marriage people will want to make Polygamy legal".
My thoughts: OK. Enjoy your many wives. What's the problem?
Example 2: " If we allow gay marriage people will want to make polyandry legal".
My thoughts: Again. Have fun with that. Enjoy your many husbands.
Example 3: " If we allow gay marriage people will want to legalize polyamory and group marriage".
My thoughts: why should I have a problem with that. If crazy religious people think they can stop any of these things by passing laws they are sadly mistaken.
Example 4: " If we allow gay marriage people will want to marry their animals".
My thoughts: come on! Anyone who thinks this is something people are going to worry about has problems.
These scare tactics don't work. Then the last resort is always " you are going to hell". Someone telling me I am going to hell is just as scary and real as someone telling me Santa won't bring me presents this year.