Sunday, April 14, 2013

God is dead...or at least dying.

As a young Atheist I had always felt like I was normal. I thought most people were sceptical of god. Its common sense, right?
Then about three years ago something happened that clarified everything. I realized it is my generation that is sceptical not the general populace. I was visiting my Grandfather over the weekend. I am not sure how we got on the topic of religion but we did. I told him I was an Atheist. The look on his face was pure shock.
He was amazed and delighted. You see he is an Atheist too. His generation is overly religious. He could not believe it when I told him my generation was not very religious at all. They may be Atheist, Agnostic or just not practicing.
Now let's look at some facts:
Pew research did a poll on February 7th 2010 of Americans 18-30. The poll found that 25% of the millennial generation is not religiously affiliated. Once you get to people in their 40s only 15% are unaffiliated then by the 60s it goes down to 10%.
The only conclusion you can make from these numbers it that there is no future for god or religion in America. As my generation gets older and comes into power more secular policies will be put into practice. We will see an end to Christian based laws and an end to the debate over evolution vs creationism in schools. If this trend continues in 100 years America will be a secular nation with a small religious minority. That will be the day.

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