Sunday, April 28, 2013

A time to kill

The question comes up again and again if morality is universal or relative. Are there certain things that are just bad and should never be done as the 10 commandments tell us?

I will just touch on a few here. Do we all agree that it is wrong to kill? I think this premise is just wrong. I believe there is a time to kill and not just in a last defense of your life. If someone has just raped you and is then walking away. You see your purse laying on the ground with your hand gun in it. In the united states it would be consitered murder if you shot and killed him. I believe you would have every right.

What about infidelity and homosexuality? You can bet the gay lovers or person being unfaithful don't view their acts as immoral. With homosexuality as with many other things that only affect the individual doing them (drug use, prostitution etc) should be up to the individuals to judge morality. With infidelity I can see many situations where cheating could easily consitered moral. What about an abusive husband and the wife does not dare try to leave him. Should she be denied love or should she make the best of a bad situation and have relations with someone why treats her right?

My conclusion is that our morality in America is completely twisted. We have so many different groups that are always fighting about morality. Our laws from murder laws to infidelity laws are heavily influenced by the church and have no place in a modern society. There IS a time to cheat and yea a time to kill.

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