Saturday, April 13, 2013

Debunking creationism with ..... common sense.

Have you ever had someone express a creationist view of the world and you laugh in their face thinking it is a joke? Only to find that you have completely insulted everything they stand for. I have.
If this ever happens to you there is no blame. Maybe these things made sense to primitive cultures 2000 years ago. Today we have this thing called science. Science is based on fact while religion is based on fairy tales.
Don't worry though, you have common sense on your side. Throughout history religion has worked very hard to to suppress every scientific discovery as they emerged because each discovery proves the religion false. We know for a fact that the earth is billions of years old not a few thousand. We know for a fact that humans and other animals evolved over time. Yet even today some public schools teach creationism. Some members of congress don't believe in evolution. Even most people who claim a religion believe in evolution.
If 90% of everything a religion ever told anyone has been proven false on all fronts how can we believe anything they say.
Its only common sense.

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