Sunday, April 21, 2013

Guns and Government

The truth is that Americans love their guns. I see no possible way that the government can win the war on guns. Every time there is a mass shooting or some kind of attack the anti gun crusaders come out of the woodwork. They always talk about how many people are killed by guns but some how forget to mention all the crimes that are foiled by citizens with guns. They don't mention crimes or assaults that never happen because someone pulled a gun on the attacker. I am so sick of the far left propaganda. The fact is America is a country of guns and will always be a country of guns. If the far left thinks that we can stop crimes committed with guns with laws requiring more background checks and limits on the size of magazines then they are living a delusion. The fact is for people who want to commit crimes there will always be guns available. Take a look at the governments other social wars. The war on alcohol went well. The war on drugs is a success, right? And last but not least we have a document that is supposes to be the law of the land that says "Congress shall make no law.....
Pretty clear I think.

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